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Dando Amor Shoe Drive

Dando Amor has spent the last 3 years visiting many different orphanages in South America and Africa. One thing we have found is that although the needs seem endless, there are some areas we can really make a difference! One of those areas is SHOES! So many kids go without a pair of shoes!


In the USA alone we throw away over 680 million pairs of shoes every year. When we heard this statistic we knew we could make a difference. That is why we have stated our “Shoes for Love” drive. We have arranged large cargo crates to be able to ship shoes to many third world countries. We will take as many as we can with us on every trip we take….but the beauty of this shoe drive is that we will be able collect ALL shoes , ANY size, ANY kind, and in ANY condition. Whatever shoes we cannot take personally with us will be shipped and repurposed in third would countries.

We need as many volunteers as possible. We need people willing to collect shoes, be drop locations, and put some time in to help us gather shoes. Lets keep shoes out of the landfills!

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