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Dando Amor in a non-profit organaization that helps orphaned children in South America and Africa.

Dando Amor is doing a nation wide shoe drive that will be collecting all kinds of shoes.

We are a group of professional photographers inspired to
give back by digging deep and really getting involved with helping others. Photographers Travis Gugelman and his wife Jennie along
with Lori Nordstrom started Dando Amor for a way to allow
other photographers to be personally involved in helping children
live better, fuller lives.
We choose the orphanages in Ecuador as our first place to reach out. The children in Ecuador will both fill and break your hearts!  Most of the kids there will never be adopted…they have to be orphaned for 3-4 years before they are adoptable, which means that most will live their lives in the orphanage. One of our friends has described what we’re doing, “There is an age-old question about the tree falling in the forest when no one is there…does it still make a sound as it falls? It’s the same in regards to these children; If a child is lovable, has a heart that is aching for attention – is he not lovable because there is no one there to love him?” We’ve considered this and said YES. That child is lovable and should be shown love.

Dando Amor knew it was time to expand and now serves in Burkina Faso, Africa as well. Burkina Faso is the 3rd poorest country in the World and the average age is under 16 years old. Dando Amor is excited about all they will be able to do in Africa.

Our hope is to give these children a better life there as well as to equip them with the tools needed to become confident and capable adults.  We’ve been told that speaking English and having computer skills will increase their chances of survival once they leave the orphanages, so we began with that in mind in the fall of 2010. Our team was able to fix a roof in the computer room in one of the all-girls homes as well as hiring an English tutor for a full year.

In March 2011 we returned with a bigger group determined to buy food, beds, kitchen supplies and make repairs that are badly needed. You can watch our story here on the Dando Amor blog. We covet your prayers and your donations. Please help how you can. We know you’ll be blessed by the opportunity to take this journey with us.
With your help we can all make a difference.

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