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Q. Does it have to be only kids shoes.

A. No, we are collecting all shoes of all kinds. If the shoes can not be used at an orphanage, they will be distibuted to poor families and used to set up small businesses.

Q. How will the shoes be picked up.

A. Travis Gugelman and Lori Nordsrtom will be traveling across the Nation April 2nd-10th collecting shoes from major drop locations. We are asking all who gather shoes to meet us at one of the major drop locations. See the map fo details.

Q. How will the shoes be taken to the third world countries?

A. Dando Amor travels to South America and Africa many times a year and take as many personaly as they can. Many people on trips fill suitcases with shoes. Any other shoes that will be recycled and repurposed will be shipped in large cargo containers.

Q. How do the shoes need to be seperated?

A. All the shoes just need to be seperated in to two catagories, new/old. Then all shoes filled in large balck garbage sacks.

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