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How the shoe drive works.

Dando Amor is having a shoe drive across the USA.

We will have major drops all across the way. Check out our map here on the Blog to look for cities near you.

We NEED as many drops as possible. Please contact us if you are willing to be a drop location. We will have major drops all over the Nation where semi trucks will come pick up the shoes. We NEED major drops that can help find a location to hold appx 30,000 pairs of shoes untill the semi’s come. THIS would be a HUGE thing for a studio and they would get lots of great PR.


But, even if you can not be a major drop we still want all studios and friends across the Nation to be gathering shoes and getting them to the major drops.

ALL markeing material is made for you and a drop box invite can be sent to give you all you need to make this drive a success.

April 2nd-12th Travis Gugelman and Lori Nordstrom will be touring the USA stopping at major drops to collect and send the shoes on Semi’s to head to the thrid world countries.

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